To be a wedding photographer is a joy day by dayAndrei Mantarosie – wedding photographer

Hey, I am Andrei Mantaroșie! A wedding and portrait photographer based in Romania with a special love for natural light, kids and family. With over 10 years of experience, a lot of wedding workshops, i capture things that happen naturally without any indication or direction. The families together, that sparkle from the eyes of the bride & groom, the emotion with which they walk into the church or at their first dance, the expression on the face of the new husband, all of that’s why i am a wedding photographer.

About me
  • About me

  • Obviously I'm a wedding photographer. I always have a chance to steal pieces of time and give you to relive them. I'm in love with simple things and unconventional weddings. I think about my life and the fact that in the future I would like to be seen as someone whose vision has contributed to the basis of the generations to come.

    Wedding photography is your wisest investment because the music stops, the make-up fades, the flowers wither and after all that remains the photos. Memories for a whole life.

About my style
  • About my style

  • What is your style as a wedding photographer?
    It's a seemingly simple question, but for me it has a complex answer. My style is divided into two categories. My simple and discreet presence at the wedding will find best and precious moments that will tell the story of your wedding, whether in Romania or not.

    The second part of my style depends on your desire to participate to a photo session after the wedding day. We can go to a gorgeous location where both of you already have memories or the location is just...wonderful.

About natural and simple
  • About natural and simple

  • I like to keep things as simple and natural possible. I photograph the moments that are seen in a simple manner, just as they do, simple. I am a simple and balanced guy, convinced that my style of photography does not fit anyone and that is why I resonate with everyone I photograph.

    Making friends for a lifetime is not a simple thing but for me it's easy to be honest with me and those around me. Let's behave naturally and let's be simple, us! I'm sure your photos will tell the wedding story exactly as it was.